Bot for Discord!

Ethan Ellis
1 min readFeb 4, 2021


This Bot is currently one of the best Bots out there! The Bot is called “Vade” It has over 180 Commands and removes the need for multiple Bots entirely!

Currently it supports:

❯ General Moderation, Moderate your server with ease with Commands such as kick, ban etc.

❯ Administration, Advanced Logging, expands upon the normal Discord Audit Logs, log everything down to a single nickname change.

❯ Giveaways, Supports an Advanced Giveaway System that allows you to set required roles for each giveaway etc.

❯ Music = Every music feature you could possibly think of, Vade has. Play songs directly from YouTube or use a soundcloud link.

❯ 24/7 uptime + 24/7 maintenance.

❯ Per guild Levelling System.

❯ Set roles for users to receive upon joining the Server.

❯ Set up Reaction Roles.

❯ Roblox Verification and rank binds.

You can invite the bot here

You can join the Support Server here



Ethan Ellis

Full stack Discord Bot Developer. Creator of Vade.